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Employment & Labor Law Legal Services For Businesses

We handle employment and labor legal matters for qualified businesses throughout California including Los Angeles, Southern California and Northern California. We handle matters in civil court and administrative proceedings, including labor commissioners/labor agencies, and arbitrations. The following is a sample of the employment cases our office handles:

Employment & Labor Transactions
  • Employment Contracts. An employment attorney can assist in the negotiation and preparation of employment contracts, confidentiality and nonsolicitation agreements, severance agreements, independent contractor contracts and many more.
  • Handbooks. An employment attorney can provide employers legal counsel on issues related to the preparation and legal compliance of employee handbooks and policies.
  • Training. A Gallenberg PC lawyer can provide employers with in-house training on various Human Resource topics (including sexual harassment prevention training).
  • Compensation Plans. A Gallenberg PC lawyer can assist employers in the preparation and updating of compensation plans.
  • Employment Audits. An employment attorney can provide employers with legal counseling relating to employment application forms, background check authorization forms, offer letters and other employment documents, recordkeeping practices, training and management.
  • Day-To-Day Counseling. A Gallenberg PC lawyer can provide legal counseling to human resources and management regarding investigations, employee classification (employee v. independent contractor, exempt v. non-exempt), employee feedback, discipline, leaves-of-absence, return-to-work issues, terminations and other day-to-day matters including litigation avoidance counseling.

If you have a legal employment matter that is not otherwise noted on this page, we encourage you to contact us as we may be able to assist you.

Employment & Labor Litigation
  • Wrongful Termination Litigation. We aggressively litigate lawsuits in California involving allegations of illegal firing, discrimination, violation of public policy, defamation, breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, conversion and similar claims.
  • Overtime (Wage and Hour) Litigation. We handle claims involving overtime pay violations, meal and rest breaks, recordkeeping, prevailing wage issues, off-the-clock work time (i.e. e-mails, preparation), uniforms, vacation and sick pay benefits.
  • Employee Misclassification. We handle claims related to misclassification of employees as independent contractors, as well as claims of misclassification of employees as exempt (salaried) employees. Sometimes, an employer classifies an employee as "salaried" or "manager" however, that does not automatically exempt those employees from overtime pay. An employee may still qualify for overtime pay even though the employer has classified that employee as "salaried" or given that employee the title of manager. In some cases for example, some salaried sales representatives or account executives may be owed overtime.
  • Sexual Harassment Litigation. We handle sexual harassment litigation before state and federal courts and arbitrators throughout California.
  • Sex/Gender Discrimination. We handle claims involving discrimination of individuals because of their sex/gender.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination. We handle claims of discrimination and/or harassment of members of the lesbian, gay, and transgendered communities.
  • Race Discrimination. We handle racial/ancestry discrimination claims in state and federal court.
  • Religious Discrimination. We handle allegations of religious creed discrimination.
  • Age Discrimination. We handle age discrimination claims in federal and state court.
  • Disability Claims. We counsel and litigate claims involving disabled employees and or access to disability accommodations.
  • Medical Leave Claims. We handle allegations of violations of the federal and California medical leave acts.
  • Retaliation Litigation. We litigate lawsuits across California involving allegations of retaliation.
  • Whistleblower/Qui Tam Actions. We litigate claims of fraud and corporate misconduct brought by employees against their employers.
  • Non-Compete/Nonsolicitation/Nondisclosure Agreement Litigation. We handle claims related to non-compete agreements/clauses, solicitation of coworkers, solicitation of customers, and the establishing of competing businesses during employment.
  • WARN Act Compliance/Labor Reductions. We can provide counseling relating to the compliance with the WARN act as well as handle lawsuits alleging violations of the WARN Act.
  • Class Actions. We litigate state and federal class actions involving allegations of employment/labor law violations, including wage/hour class actions.

If you are a business in California and need a Los Angeles Employment attorney to help you, contact us to learn more (213) 986-8432. For Beverly Hills, please call (310) 295-1654. If you need an employment lawyer in Burbank and surrounding San Fernando Valley, please call (818) 237-5267.