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Outside General Counsel Legal Services For Businesses


Gallenberg PC provides cost-effective outside general counsel legal services to businesses throughout California. We serve clients throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Irvine, Orange County, and San Diego. As an outside general counsel, Gallenberg PC is able to provide legal services on an ongoing basis without being on payroll as full-time in-house counsel. Therefore, businesses pay a reasonable retainer fee or monthly fee for the comfort of knowing that if they need an attorney, one is available to assist them with their legal needs. To obtain more information, please contact us.

Benefits Of Outside General Counsel Legal Services

The benefit of this program is that a Gallenberg PC attorney will learn the intricacies and complexities of your business and therefore provide your company with legal services that are catered to the unique needs of your business. A Gallenberg PC attorney will take the time to understand your business and legal needs and over time create a relationship built on trust and understanding which will contribute to more personalized, efficient and cost-effective legal services that will help lower the overhead of your company.

Gallenberg PC will be there to answer your legal questions and provide you with guidance on a daily basis without being on payroll, without the hassle of having to sign a retainer for every matter, without the hassle of shopping around for an attorney for every case, and without the hassle of finding an attorney to review a small contract or answer a simple legal question.

An outside-general counsel can also assist a company's in-house attorney/department by providing legal services in specialized practice areas such as employment law.

Outside General Counsel Practice Areas

As part of the outside general counsel program, a Gallenberg PC attorney can provide your business with legal counseling, representation and guidance in the areas of employment law and business law. We are able to provide these outside general counsel services on a retainer basis and/or a flat monthly fee depending on the nature of your business and legal needs.